We want you to interact with us in the way that’s most convenient for you. 

This is why we showcase what we do in different service levels for your choosing. 

We are a full-service comprehensive investment management and financial services firm and Kevin Sullivan has the experience of working with clients since 1989 and brings a team of professionals to pursue the needs of clients.

So what does it look like and feel like to be one of our clients?  Whether you have $1 million or $10 million, we meet you where you're at!

Our main goal is to give our clients their time back.  We know that they have many things in their profession they need to keep up with, as well as their time with family and other priorities.  

By working with us, we commit to knowing who you are and what you're trying to achieve and it's not just a list of items found below like a "MENU."  These are showcased so that you can see what may be needed and focused on to help pursue their goals.

LEVEL ONE – Foundational Confidence

  • Identifying Life Needs and Goals
  • Creating Personalized Investment Strategies
    • Asset Allocation Composition
    • Risk Management
    • Confident Strategies
  • Monitoring and Personal Review Meetings
    • Face-to face Personal Meetings Regularly
    • Also Includes Phone and Video Meetings and Email Updates
  • Fee Structure:  Based on Investment Strategy

LEVEL TWO – Managing Confidence

  • Level One included
  • *Asset Management Services
    • Customized Fee-Based Asset Management and account types
    • Separate Account Manager Selection & Screening
  • *Financial Confidence Planning Services
    • Life Goals
    • Foundational Confidence Analysis
    • Retirement Confidence & Sustainability Analysis
    • Investment Risk Analysis
  • Insurance Efficiency Reviews – life, long-term care
  • Financial Consulting Guidance of Retirement Assets held in employer plans, Pensions, 401k's, 403b's
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Personal Review Meetings
    • Customized Quarterly Meetings
    • Video Meetings, phone meetings, face-to-face
    • Timely email updates
    • E-Newsletter
    • Special Invites to hosted webinars
  • Fee Structures:
    • *Percentage of Asset Management - per account size and complexity
    • *Financial Confidence Planning & Analysis - per complexity
    • *Minimum Level TWO Engagement Fee:  per complexity

LEVEL THREE  - Comprehensive Confidence

  • Levels One and Two
  • Estate & Distribution Planning
    • Transitioning assets in a tax-advantaged way
  • Working with other Financial Professionals, i.e. attorney, tax professional, bank representatives, for your benefit
    • Trusts, wills, power of attorneys, healthcare directives, digital assets
  • Business Succession & Continuity Planning
    • Working a business transition into a retirement income plan
    • Buy/Sell Planning and Implementation and Analysis
  • Customized Meeting Schedules
    • Concierge Service and same day turnaround
    • Face-to-face Meetings
    • Video and Phone Meetings
    • Client Events and Webinars
  • Fee Structure:
    • Level THREE Financial Confidence Planning (FCP) 
    • Customized Asset Management fees (CAM) per complexity are separate and
    • Customized Pricing Combinations (CPC) are also available - 
    • *Minimum Level THREE engagement fee:  per complexity


  • Fee-Based – percentage of assets under management
  • Commissions per transaction
  • Hourly rates:  for second opinion analysis only
  • Flat Fees & Ongoing Advice - per Complexity & Engagement Frequency


LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

LPL Financial and K.D. Sullivan Wealth Strategies do not offer tax or legal advice.  We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.