A strong planning process is the best way to create a strong, flexible financial plan.

A transparent, effective planning process is based on two key aspects of financial planning: preservation and access to funds when needed. A plan must ensure liquidity, to allow its owner to access funds when needed. It must also take into account key stages of life. This can include preparing for events such as retirement, death, and in the event of disability and/or critical illness.

With these goals in mind, the first step in building a comprehensive plan is to assess total financial planning needs. This involves a consideration of important milestones such as retirement, insurance, major purchases and educational costs, as well as ongoing financial management strategies. Once these factors are identified, the client is prepared to choose the products and services that best address his or her needs.

This goal-based financial planning approach is designed to help:

  • Define customized short- and long-term goals that ensure only suitable financial products and services are chosen
  • Identify roadblocks or gaps that might impact the financial planning strategy
  • Continually monitor the plan to ensure it meets changing needs and circumstances

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What is Financial Confidence Planning?

Financial Confidence Planning begins with a solid savings strategy for life's goals including major purchases, college funding, business ventures and of course, retirement.  
We listen to what you want to accomplish with your goals, help you set a sound foundation and help you launch your action plan.  We help you stay the course and make adjustments when necessary.  There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your goals come to life and to know that we did it together.

We specialize in retirement confidence by letting you know how close you are to your retirement goals.  This will determine if you have a short-fall or a surplus.  
If you have a short-fall, we address those needs as quickly as possible and discuss ways in which you can get back on track.  Should you be ahead of your goals, we celebrate together and have a lot of great things to talk about.

We help you get ready for retirement and have a checklist for what to do when you are 5 years away from retirement.  We go through this together and help you get ready for that exciting day.
Once you reach retirement, we help you adopt a BUCKETING STRATEGY of how to set up your retirement income based on the time frame in which you need the income back.    

There is nothing like creating and maintaining retirement confidence.  No one should have to wonder if they'll have enough or if their money will last.

Our tools and resources are top of the line and flexible in every way.  A financial confidence plan is a "live" and "breathing" process and one that requires monitoring.

We are with you each step of the way to watch your life story unfold from start to finish!