Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  We only have one purpose and that is to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.  I am so honored and privileged to work with so many wonderful people.  I have a passion to serve our clients and to see them grow.  I’ve been in this industry as a financial advisor for 34 years, beginning in 1989, and I’ve been able to help so many people in their planning for their many goals, including retirement.  In this day and time, no one should ever have to wonder if they have enough to get “to” or “through” retirement.  Our process is set up to bring the strategies our clients need by listening first.  We are strategy-driven, not product driven, which means we listen very carefully to the needs of our clients.  We know what we have for strategies behind us through the power of an independent firm like LPL Financial, and once we know what our client needs are, we deliver the strategies necessary to help them pursue their goals.

I have built long-term relationships with our clients and it goes way beyond a business relationship.  I consider each of them friends.  We have a saying when a new client comes onboard; “Welcome to the Sullivan family of clients.”  I still have clients with me from the early 1990’s and what a wonderful experience it has been.  I’ve been in hospitals with them, weddings with them, and celebrated retirement dates with them also.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment and taking part in their family lives in this fashion.

Our success is the strength of our client relationships.  We provide face-to-face meetings regularly, video meetings, phone meetings, email and phone updates throughout the year.  This keeps us in touch proactively. I can’t tell you how many times I receive an email or a voice mail at 10pm and would respond letting our client know that the message has been received and that we would work on the request on the next business day.   Clients love this and this is what separates us from most all firms.  We are really in this together, staying focused on helping our clients each step of the way.

Because I’ve been able to work with clients over these years, I am thrilled to work with their children and their spouses.  It’s so good to see a lasting relationship flourish with them.

I would like to welcome you and others you may know to this unique client experience with us.

Kevin R. Sullivan